Whether in a city apartment, farm house, beach cottage, or dorm room, healthy living starts at home

Getting and staying healthy starts with a healthy home. But with so many choices about which products to use and conflicting information online about how to use them safely it can be hard to make smart choices. The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) is here to help.  

For more than two decades, ACE has educated individuals and families about how to use, store, and dispose of household products safely and responsibly to protect their homes from damage, germs and pests that may threaten wellbeing. We work with household product specialists, scientists and healthcare professionals to give you the latest insights to keep your family and home healthy. We are the experts you can trust to help you sort through the facts and fiction of safe household product use.

Our new Healthy Starts at Home initiative provides science-based advice and best practices to help you use household products responsibly, while also making cleaning easier and more enjoyable. Check out actionable tips, informative articles, and downloadable resources at www.HealthyStartsatHome.org. There’s something for everyone—whether home is a city apartment, farm house, beach cottage or dorm room.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram through February, where we’ll talk about air care products like sprays, plug-ins,  gels, and fragrances that can enhance health, happiness, and overall well being. You’ll have an opportunity to share how you keep your home clean and fresh by posting photos and participating in our weekly Facebook MythBuster poll.

We hope by this Spring, you will have learned something new about the role household products play in your life. While caring for your home isn’t always easy, ACE can give you the information you need to make smarter decisions about household products to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.